dinner parties for friends, colleagues, or your boss? A fun idea. But the oh so important small details are always hard to remember – What about Julia? Is she a vegetarian? Does your colleague from accounting prefer red or white wine? Dislikes saves and organizes this information on your iPhone. Dislikes keeps you on top of things: What ingredients do I have to avoid when cooking for Tim and Jonas? Which of my friends can’t deal with onions? Which restaurant should I book for a business meeting with my colleagues?


Amazingly simple. Dislikes remembers what not to serve friends and colleagues – but it also remembers what they really like. Whether vegetarian, allergic to shellfish, or gluten intolerant, you can easily change or add personal dislikes and likes. The highlight of Dislikes is the group view where you can simply organize your friends into groups – for a planned dinner party for instance – and instantly see what each group likes or dislikes: from “absolute no-goes” (red), to “maybes” (yellow), to “everybody’s in” (green). Dislikes puts an end to the scattered notes about your friends’ tastes that you can’t find when you need them.